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5 day Intensive Reset Ultra Burn

5 day Intensive Reset Ultra Burn

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Includes 2 vegetable and fruit smoothies and 2 nuts and seeds shakes of 480ml each. Veing  nutritionally complete, they ensure results with no hunger and with lots of energy with a 100% sucess rate.

The fresh and whole blends are freshly prepared and delivered daily and we include a list of whole foods that you can eat additionaly in case you feel like chewing on somethin or if you are in a social event. Os batidos frescos e integrais são preparados e entregues diariamente na hora junto com uma lista de alimentos que poderá ingerir adicionalmente caso sinta necessidade de mastigar ou esteja num evento social. Check the menu and the general conditions to get to know our program and additional fees.

Add and advanced 20 day prgram with 2 meals per day and a personalized free diet coaching service for the other meals to ensure a good transition and save 30€.