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The blends are purchased in packages with many units and deliveries are made on a daily basis for each day's consumption but the client can request delivery for up to 2 days' worth of products. The menu and ingredients are stablished by Power Foods but you can request ingredient restriction. The service includes diet coaching and free delivery in Lisbon Municipality between 7:00 and 09:30 am.


The program can only start after all the activation steps, automatically sent to your email, are followed within 7 days after purchase after which the order is cancelled and money returned. The program can only start on Mondays except if it falls on a Monday and the activation procedures must be finalized up to 48 hours before the starting date.


The scheduling of the starting date and delivery time and address are done through the online form sent via email automatically after the purchase. These details can be changed at any time with no extra cost via email or SMS. In this form you will specify your goals so we can send you the appropriate diet plan and the restriction we have to make to your menu.


The service may be suspended and both the delivery address ad time can be changed with no additional costs or loss for the client.


  • Deliveries outside Lisbon - 0,40€ per day and per kilometer away from Entrecampos, Lisbon (charged per address and not per customer). The customer can choose to pick the order up at the factory between 6 and 9 am for up to 2 days' worth of products.
  • Deliveries on extra time - 2,50€ per day for deliveries before 7:00 am and after 9:30 am.

For additional support call +351916660066 between 14:00 and 20:00, Monday through Saturday or request a contact.