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The vegetables and some fruit from the shakes will lead to drainage of fluids and toxins as well as clearing, resulting in an abrupt weight loss of up to 1 kg. If you had a diet that was deficient in fresh and whole foods, this day may be marked, though not always, by an adaptation of your digestive system to the abundance of raw vegetables, fruit and seeds that make up our blends, and the symptoms range from some discomfort, gastric disorders, hunger and headaches, even if rarely migraines, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. These symptoms usually dissipate as early as the first day, but in more severe cases of intoxication may extend until the third day of the program.


Once lymphatic drainage is over and depending on your fat mass index, the weight reduction, now caused by fat burning, should range between 0.5 and 1 kg per day. With your body already adapted to natural nutrition you should feel a great improvement in your health at this stage thanks to our bioactive mixtures but you may still find some flavors strange. However, in some cases there may be some particular detox symptoms, and more often, headaches for caffeine addicts. It is important to realize that side effects do not mean that the product is not suitable for you (fruit, vegetables and seeds are suitable for EVERYONE) but that your body is in a serious state of intoxication and malnutrition and is therefore It is essential that the program be carried out, which according to hundreds of evaluations has an adaptation rate close to 100%.


By the end of this day, and in more than 90% of cases, the adaptation of your body, including your taste buds, should be complete and all side effects dissipated with a loss of at least 1,5 kg. If all this doesn’t happen you should request feedback from us by phone. Be aware, however, that if you are already thin or short (<165 cm), if you had a diet rich in raw foods, if you are menstruating or premenstruation or taking medication with corticosteroid or antidepressants the loss may be at this stage, between 0,5 and 1 kg. If you continue to find the flavors strange at this point, it is because our shakes are simply not your thing and you should look upon the program as a short-term treatment that your body so badly needs.


At this stage the bioactive agents of our mixtures have reached all tissues and organs that aren’t part of the digestive system and which are more difficult to access as those of the intergumentary and musculoskeletal system which manifests itself in greater lightness of movement and great improvement. health of your skin and, in the medium term (if you stick to the principles of natural nutrition), hair and nails.


This is the day when the detoxification process is consolidated and the elimination of all addictions and bad habits including, as reported in many cases, caffeine and nicotine, and you are ready to start a natural lifestyle.


A diet that prevents intoxication of your body should consist exclusively of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains, tubers, legumes (optional), unprocessed animal protein (optional), virgin fats and spices. The amounts and distribution of different food groups throughout the day will depend on your body goals and if you have them you should seek support from health professionals or subscribe to our advanced nutritional program.

It’s important to realize that this whole process is quickly reversible if you return to any bad habits that brought it to us. Of course, one exception per week won’t hurt, but you should now look at harmful foods as drugs they really are.


A não devolução das garrafas de vidro devidamente lavadas na respetiva embalagem intacta, todos os dias de terça a quinta-feira irá resultar na aplicação de um coima de 25€ ou a interrupção do programa sem reembolso, exceto fora do Distrito de Lisboa onde não é necessária a devolução.