1. What are the RESET programs?

The RESET programs aim at purifying the body and burning the excess fat through the exclusive intake of smoothies composed of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole seeds, that replace 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. We also provide a diet plan with a vast list of foods that can be eaten additionally, despite the fact that our blends are nutritionally complete.

2. How are the products delivered?

Deliveries of the freshly made blends take place on a daily basis. After subscribing to the program an automatic email is sent with the instructions to schedulle the deliveries (date and time) and to make special requests.

3. Can I do less than 5 days of the program?

No, and anyone who tells you that it is possible to detoxify an organism with trillions of cells grouped into several tissues in less time, is either lying to you or has no understanding of basic human physiology. These 5 days were determined based on the progression evaluation of hundereds of customers that reached their peak of well-being on the fifth day.

4. Am I only going to drink juices the whole day?

First of all, our programs are not based on juices, they based on 100% vegan smoothies composed of the entire edible part of fruits, vegetables and seeds; secondly, even though our blends are nutritionally complete and supply all the required nutrients, we provide a list of additional foods you can chew on in case you feel like it or if there is un unexpected event  where you cannot have our smoothies as a meal.

5. Do you customize the menu for customers with allergies?

If neither of our programs suits your special needs, you can request the menu customization in the schedulling form but we do not guarantee the absence of traces of any of our ingredients in any of our recipes. This customization is done for a minimum of 2 people and it has a 20% fee.

6. Can I exercise during the program?

Our programs are nutritionally complete, hence they are compatible with any physical activity as witnessed by the many athletes that have subscribed to them and the many customers who report an increase in lean mass durign the program.

7. Which program best suits me?

The RESET INTENSIVE is the the most complete of the 3 and, therefor, the recommended one for most customers. However if you are a fussy eater or if you have digestion problems, the RESET ULTRA 800 may be most suited to you as it’s much lighter (only 800 kcal per day), smooother and more pleasant. The RESET ULTRA PUMP is derived from the RESET ULTRA 800 by the addition of isolated vegan protein and it is best suited for customers that practice intense and regular physicical activity.

8. Is the program suited for pregnant  and nursing women?

Although we don’t use any ingredient that is not recommended, it is well known that sudden changes in the diet can be disturbing to the fetus hich is why we have never recommened the program to pregnant customers. As for nursing mothers no problems have ever been reported which ever is your case, we recommend that you check our ingredient list before subscribing the program.

9. Is there any contra-indications for the RESET programs?

Our menu is composed exclusively of fruit, vegetables and seeds that any person of any gender or age or health state have to eat. However, you can check our complete list of ingredients here do make sure it is suited to you.

10. Existe algum acompanhamento posterior aos programas?

Terminado o programa de 5 dias, damos a indicação do tipo de alimentos que deve ingerir para manter os resultados alcançados mas se tiver algum objectivo corporal ou não tenha a disponibilidade para a segurar a ingestão regular de hortofrutícolas e sementes, é recomendável um apoio adicional quer através do seu nutricionista ou através dos nossos programas avançados com substituição parcial das refeições e apoio nutricional gratuito.

11. Do you use organic ingredients?

Any of our programs is available with organic ingredients for a minimum of 4 customers and with a 20% fee. The request is made in the scheddulling form.

12. Has the program been created by a nutritionist?

Every nutritional program either it is good or not has a nutricionist behind so that should not be your criteria to pick one. Always make sure to check for the nutritional information and if you don’t understand the numbers, ask for a professional opinion. Find our the nutritional information of our programs with a 100% percent success rate.


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