Description of Nutrition Programs

What makes Power Foods unique?

  • The only nutritionally complete detox.
  • Loose over 3*kg in 5 days without feeling hungry.
  • Sating smoothies instead of juices.
  • Compatible with intense physical activity.
  • Low glycemic index for maximized fat burning.
  • Diversified menu that ensures the intake of essential foods.
  • Blends with over 70 freshly prepared functional ingredients.
  • 100% fresh and whole fruit, vegetables and seeds.
  • Gluten and dairy free, added sugar and syrups.
  • Prices from 18€ per day with all meals and daily deliveries included.
  • Personalized deliveries from 6 am.

What to expect in the first 5 days of the program

Day 1

Detoxification and lymphatic drainage. This process may be accompanied by some discomfort that will be greater the worse the state of intoxication. Not to be discouraged, these effects are normal, they are studied and in 100% of cases they dissipate as the program progresses as your body learns to digest and assimilate foods that should be part of your diet. The urge to chew is also and you can eat any food recommended in the diet plan that is provided.

Day 2

After lymphatic drainage, you should have lost at least 1*kg. Your body begins to react better to the mixtures on this day and any side effects begin to dissipate.

Day 3

Burning at least 500*g of fat per day. If you don’t have excess fat the weight reduction will be minimal. By the end of this day, any side effects should be completely gone.

Day 4 and 5

Completion of detoxification and total elimination of addictions to health-harmful foods so you can easily (re) start a new lifestyle.

* Values ​​based on rigorous assessment of over 200 excess fat customers.


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