Delivery procedures

Depending on your location, you may recieve our products daily or all at once and the delivery cost will depend on your address. For more information check our terms and conditions.

Deliveries within 50km of Lisbon

  • Express courier from Monday to Friday. You can start drinking the blends as late as the following Tuesday, but they must be kept refrigerated.
  • Free delivery for postal codes starting with “1” and 15€, charged during the purchase, for the 5 deliveries to other postal codes.
  • Available delivery times: 06:00 to 08:00 am (no additional cost) only in Lisbon, 08:00 to 10:00 am (no additional cost) outside of Lisbon. Special 30 minutes intervals between 06:00 and 10:00 am (25€ – check for exceptions in the terms and conditions) available only in Lisbon.

Deliveries more than 50 km from Lisbon including the whole of Europe

  • Single delivery by 24 hour express and refrigerated post on Tuesday. The blends must but kept in the fridge set to the minimum temperature and they can start being drank as late as the following Thursday.
  • Delivery cost to Continental Portugal and Spain: 25€ per program.
  • Delivery cost to the remaining Euro Zone: 50€ per program (express air mail).
  • Delivery cost to Switzerland, Sweden and Norway: 99€ per program (express air mail).
  • Delivery time in Continental Portugal: between 08:00 and 10:00 h in the morning. Check terms and conditions for exceptions.
  • Delivery time in the rest of Europe: between 09:00 and 19:00 h
  • The blends for the single delivery are prepared at low temperature in total asepsis ensuring, not only the necessary expire date, but also that the ingredients’ properties bioactive are kept intact.

Delivery point – available in all Continetal Portugal

If your daily routine is not compatible with our delivery options, you can choose to receive the packages in a CTT Delivery Point and pick it up whenever it is best suited for you as long as it’s on the same day each one arrives because the products are highly perishable. This service will have and extra cost of 50€ for deliveries within 50km of lisbon and no extra cost for the rest of Portugal.


Ao optar pelas garrafas de vidro reutilizáveis, ganhará um voucher de 15% vitalício nas compras seguintes se cumprir com as regras de utilização. Obrigado por nos ajudar a preservar o meio ambiente.