About Us

We were born in 2013 to ensure a daily intake of fresh and whole foods through our meals, critical to health and well being and less and less present in the western diet. Make an integration and adaptation to the most varied routines, lifestyles and fitness goals also facilitating the deletion of harmful foods through a plan and food monitoring and adapted to all cultural habits and lifestyles.

Our multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience in functional nutrition has developed a nutritionally complete shake menu with an unparalleled variety of fruit and bioactive seeds in combinations adaptable to a wide range of health, fitness and wellness goals.

Our vision

A world free of diseases related to food imbalances and free from the ecological impact associated with processed foods.

Our Mission

Replace processed and artificial foods with fresh and whole foods.

“It’s what we do every day that has a real impact on our health and well-being”

Our goal

The variety of ingredients and nutritional balance are the foundation for over 4 years customers have accelerated the achievement of their goals and that even those who already had a healthy diet have felt significant improvements in their well-being.

Ensure the ingestion of vital foods and support the exclusion of food that is harmful to health and the environment.